Honda Blackbird Carb Model Fitting Pyramid Seat Cowl

I have just bought a seat cowl off ebay made by Pyramid for my 97’ honda blackbird and thought it would just bolt onto where bolts are at side of seat but it dosent reach anyone know how it would be attached please…

Here is a pic…

saw that on fleabay but wouldnt look right on my 'bird with wingrack system on it :slight_smile:

looks far too short though have you looked on pyramids site see if they got any pix of one fitted ?

oh try blackbird forum tons of info on that one :slight_smile:

i have the wingrack too but when not touring thought look nicer with single seat cowl especialy when get custom spray job i hada look at Pyramid site but show basically same picture as mine as in just sitting on top of seat i have emailed them but no reply so far

I will look at website you suggested thanks