Honda Black Spirit

Does any own one of these and if so anythoughts.

After selling my 125 Shadow i havent liked the riding position of the cbf so im seriously tempted to buy one.

well i bought it 11 days later and have since covered just a slither over 3000 miles

Looks the business, good fuel economy: 55mpg city 65 motorway


ugly mirror, seats only comfy for about 90 miles its got much better with age as it was about 20 minutes new (useless slither of wood pillion seat), for me the semi drag bars are not great, much prefer swept back bars found on all non-spirit Honda Shadow motorcycles maybe because im a shortie. very basic equipment just 24hclock, 2 trip trip counters, odo and indicators, horn and engine cut out switch and 2 beam light… very basic…the aftermarket screen does a suprisingly decent job of deflecting wind but is very noisey as wind is directed into your lid. the honda heated grips are not as good as the oxford heated grips and cost 3 times the price.
Rear sissy bar and rack are good but finish scratches without care


Its got quite a bit of vibration from engine, seat and pegs for me as it adds to the excitement. i hate motorcycles that are super smooth. they feel lifeless to me. the other thing that is neither a pro or a con is that understandably this machine handles, brakes and accelerates like the cruiser it is.

So if you want a good looking cruiser that returns decent MPG with Honda reliability but without needing to spend hours polishing chrome then the Black Spirit is a perfectly capable machine. Just budget some more cash for a mustang seat and remember its not hondas best build quality on display