Home Maintenance, Renting of Special Tools?

Hi, I have a 2005 Suzuki DL1000. It’s done 33000 miles and the steering head bearings are shot. I can’t afford to get them changed so I’m doing it myself. I’ve done this before so I’m reasonably confident, however the steering stem nuts require a special tool, Suzuki sell one but @ £100 that ain’t happening.
The nuts have C spanner slots on them but there isn’t room to get a C spanner in there. The Suzuki tool is a C socket.

Does any one know if these things can be rented anywhere?

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you can try using a hammer and bit of rod and giving it a tap.

or get and old socket piece that will fit and cut grind bits out to make it fit, if ya catch my drift?

Measuer the nut up and go see your local motorists discount shop - they should have some balljoint sockets - see if you can find one to fit.Peugeot one fits the swingarm nut on a ZX9…

Deamon tweeks do a full adjustable C spanner for about 50 notes I think. by the time youve rented something like you may as well buy one.


That is proper expensive, but the Demon Tweeks always are - you can get a top quality Facom or Britool adjustable one for £30, or a lesser brand for a tenner.

Ta for your reply, I’m now the proud owner of one from fleabay!



do you live or go nr surrey quays?

reason for asking is your signature, am sure have seen/heard a tasty sounding bike around there, lol.