holiday time......

At last it’s here, Leaving for the airport soon, so see you guys when i get back in a couple of weeks… I’ll try n bring some sun home with me…

Oh and some pics of naked girls for you Flatster

Just to make you guys green, i’m going with 2 female nurses, god i pray i get sick hehehehe

I would only be jealous if they were taking thier uniforms.

Have a great holiday, Neil! Mouth-to-mouth optional…

hehehe, Think they got the uniforms from Ann Summers… Mmmmmmmmmmm

Cheers P, mouth to mouth hehehe, have to practice holding my breath n fool them

Have fun mate! Enjoy the sun for us all! I shuold be going again very soon as the summer is not here yet, that’s for sure

Have a nice trip mate and if you could bring some sun and warm weather back it would be much appreciated. Good luck with the treatment as well

Yeah, I see a long recovery process…

Nice! Have fun Neil. Where are you going??

have a stunning holiday mate! Very jealous!


Well in that case then have a good holiday and pretend to be sick where are you going?