holiday suggestions for a Numnum

Well its that time when the holiday forms get handed out again .
And I dont know what to do . … Normally if there is no female company hinting to be taken to an apartment by a sunny beach ,I just throw a bike in a van head for the old stomping ground gather a few mates and behave very badly on bikes through the best roads in the UK for a week or so .

However I am thinking maybe something different … Somewhere a Numnum might like to chill and get some action of one sort or another . I will need things to do to keep me occupied . Prefer flight times under 4 hours … Budget open ended … No Branson moon trips but no hostel bed bug dodging either .

Anyone got any ideas ?

Great roads, lovely scenery, great company, what more could you ever want:D :wink:

Rob theres not enough petrol stations :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to Cambrils in Spain for my 21st and loved it! You’re just outside of Salou which is pretty lively if you want a night on the sangria, but Cambrils itself is pretty quiet with amazing beaches. You’re close enough to visit Barcelona within an hour and you can go to Monserrat which would be awesome on a moped. Pretty cheap too.

Tunisia was also amazing, loads to do inc. the Sahara Star Wars trip :slight_smile: if you’re with a lady be aware she won’t be able to travel out of the resort on her own, the men out there are like vultures.

I’ve been to Gran Canaria a fair few times as my boss used to live there, he had a villa on the Salobre golf resort which has a posh spa hotel on site surrounded by aloe vera plants. You ride golf buggies everywhere :slight_smile: it’s a pretty standard beach holiday but it’s really, really lovely.

@ Rob
Daniel is spot on … Poor fuel range and a bike I cant totally trust is why I rent a van to put it in to go to scotland :slight_smile:

@Karleghi. Took a girl to Tunisia before … That was funny I would keep vanishing let her gather a crowd of admirers then in I go and start talking camels :slight_smile:
No girl this year … All single again for a while now and nowt on the horizon … Cant think why :smiley: :wink:

Who you going with, and what kind of stuff do you want to do whilst your away…?

I’ll find you something :w00t:

somewhere with sunsun? :hehe:

Its me myself and I … Unless a suggestion like Robs but without the fuel range issues etc gets suggested .

Rent a bike?

Seconding anywhere near Barcelona - my favourite place in the world!

Awww NomsNoms, holidaying alone can’t be much fun :frowning:

If I weren’t with ol’ boy I’ld totally come with you!

Know it well Karleigh, great food in the Mucky Duck:D

The only bikes I want to rent have poor fuel range and reliability issues ha ha … Perhaps maybe a guzzie might be okay ?

I have always preferd portugal to spain … But I have been there so many times now I get sent an xmas card from the marina :-S

…because you have sense :stuck_out_tongue: :D.

lol even if you rent something like an R1 its still a nuts bike but at least you can make it from petrol station to petrol station lol

@ K. Holiday alone is cool . Usually I stay in the uk to do it … not always but usually . I can make myself laugh by tickleing my own feet … With a brain as easily amused as that being alone aint to much hardship he he

Portugal is good . A vale de lobo apartment and lots of wandering around and playing on boats :slight_smile:

An R1 just dont float my boat I would get bored on it … I need the quirks to satisfaction my biking itches .

I am going to get in the holiday mood right now . Its far to nice to be sat here at work … I am getting out of here right now :smiley:

Come to the tea hut later on :smiley:

I cant I am in the garden on the beer giving attention to project Kawasaki mudguard and arguing with the council about council tax payment .They says they have a new bank account … My banks says it dont exist . …someones a [email protected] in the equation .

I am thinkin in my head now of maybe some offroad biking thing somewhere . A rental crosser or enduro bike with a led excursion into the nastys or a given route with possibility of detours is one feels like it . Anyone done any of that action anywhere . ?

I went to Morocco a few of years ago and i guy I met out there did 5 or 6 days riding in the atlas mountains and thought it was great. Has the advantage that it stays a bit cooler up at altitude (I was there in November and it was quite warm during the day but FREEZING after dark)

Sadly I was only riding on a CBT at the time so I couldn’t get out on a bike, ended up riding a horse instead. I hate horses and i think dobbin knew it, he kept wandering off to eat shrubs when he was supposed to be making me look like billy the kid :hehe:

+1 for Barcelona. The weather is great and the roads around here are fantastic for biking (as I tried to show in my low quality video). Great nightlife and there’s a beach if you’re into that sort of thing.