holiday entitlement

Im trying to work out my wifes new holiday entitlement as its changed from the 1st April, can anyone help.
My wife works part time and does 25 hours a week.

Have a look here John

I did have a look at that earlier but don`t know how to work it out.

How many days does she work?

If its 3 days… 3 x 5.6 = 16.8 days a year…although they’ll probably round it down to 16 days!

She does 4 days a week which is 25 hours a week.

Normally part-timers get proportional leave rights and it is easiest to work this out in hours, not days. So if someone is entitled to three week’s holiday and they work 25 hours a week, they have 75 hours of holiday entitlement.

I think i`ve just worked it out, i think she now gets 22 days.

Going by London Borough of Greenwich, I’ll bet that HR will come up with a lower figure which they can’t/won’t explainn.

22 days ain’t bad for part time - it’s what I get for full time :frowning: