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Holiday advice - Canada

Seeing as you guys are the font of all knowledge, does anyone know anything about family holidaying in Canada?

Any advice much appreciated.

I have family in Canada (Toronto) and have been a couple times. I havent been for a few years now though
I have been in summer - warmer than UK - and winter - way colder than UK. when are you thinking of going?

Toronto is cool, and close to Niagara Falls - seen it in winter!

Cheers Pan

Planning for July/August. Toronto and Niagara on the list. Other places and tips welcomed.

Ottawa is “near by”* and a nice town to visit (my Aunt lives there)
*in Canadian terms

if you are going in the summer also visit the lakes in the north of Toronto, you should be able to rent one for night or two

Thank you. Added that.

Niagara on the Lake is a nice town, easily overlooked if you just go to the falls. Nice short drive between the two. The falls are good, the town (Niagara itself) tacky.

Toronto is nice, Centre Island definitely good for families. Worth a drive North to the Lakes, Lake Simcoe for example, lots of holiday cottages.

I had a good few days at a friend’s place near Parry Sound on Georgian Bay a couple of years ago. We took a flight over the islands in a sea plane - highly recommended. Lots of water about in that area for swimming and canoeing. Plenty of outfitters.

Wasaga beach up on Lake Huron is good, as is Collingwood - quite smart there.

And Huntsville near the Algonquin National Park is interesting for hiking and outdoorsy stuff. I had a cool quad bike trip there years back…they told me not to stop if I see any bears!

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Really helpful, thank you HBG

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I had a lovely week in Banff a few years ago at the end of the holiday season. Town was nice and chilled.

Cheers. Can’t wait.

There are big parts of it that have no phone signal so be aware of that if you go roaming. There are wild bears also so if you go camping there are rules about storing food to protect yourself.

All I know about facing bears is:
Brown Bear = RUN
Black Bear = FIGHT


Very helpful thanks Jay! :rofl:

See Niagra has been mentioned. Lucky for you the Canadian side is better than American so don’t bother with the border crossing just for a worse view from the USofA.

Also, the “walk behind the falls” is a load of bollox. May as well stand in your shower for all you can see - literally just a load of water falling down.

By contrast the “maid in the mist” boat thing is well worth paying out for to get a feel for the scale of it. Though as Oscar Wilde was supposed to have said “Would be more impressive if it flowed the other way”

Good tip, thanks BL