just 5 mins ago while lying on the beach,my thoughts drifted away back to smoggy london were the streets are dirty ,and the people are rude…a world apart from were I am now yet,I miss you horrible lot and wish you were all here…
things are going great and my stresses are all fading away each hour that goes by.
I met pete tong friday night which was a hoot and will be seei judge jools tonight at Eden .(can’t wait for that),with Tiesto tmoz night also…woohoo !.
we rented a car and have been ringing its lil 1.1ltr neck all the way around the island,almost stacking it above a cliff with a 300ft sheer drop…needless to say I didn’t get my leg over THAT night…
ide love to stay abit longer,but I miss my bike, the roads here are just perfect…and will maybee come here with it one day.I’ve got 3 days left here,so gonna get the most out of it,I’ve not yet met a drag queen called malcom,but I’ve made it my quest to find one.
and also,just one more thing…
(to all those that have txt me)
el smiled’o :).

Aww the memories are flooding back :smiley:

Go see Judge Jules at Bar M first (he plays there before crossing the road to Eden), the dancing girls there are cracking :wink:

Oh and BTW, the drag queens are over at Ibiza Town :w00t:

Cya soon hunny!

cool jooolz,we’re at the hotel Aeinal,right at the beach front 100 yrds from bar m…great sea front veiw and in stagering distance from everything !lwent to Evissa last night and part’d with the drags there…fantastic bunch of ppl who we got on well with.
I’m smoking 20 fags a day and clubbing every night…its a different world here as you know babes.and so wish you & hubby were here…!what a laught that would bee!..lol…
i’ll save thought for a second for you tonight jooolzy…lol…that’s the best I can dooo!
smiled. ; ).


Yes its all cool out there and great fun BUT YOU HAVE TO COME BACK HAHAHAHAHAHA then suffer the holiday blues :smiley:

I feckin hate you shane…lol i am not jealous at all:cool:

Enjoy it mate cos all to soon you’ll be back here and needing another holiday to get over that one!:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, im back now Wasp, so you can call me again and this time it wont cost so much…ha ha;) (you gave me a shock when you called ha ha) cor what a difference, 2 wks ago stepping off the plane into sunny florida…to stepping off the plane few hours ago into dreary london !!! yuk and yukky yuk yuk !!!

Saw loads of girlies on bikes out there and was soooo jealous…not that impressed with em not wearing any protective gear whatsoever, but hey…its their bum on hot tarmac, end of the day, should anything happen…they ALL had 600’s as well !! I mean it, we saw 2 busas, loads of harleys, but the sports bikes were all 600’s…and NONE of em were speeding…not one…good eh? :wink: saw few on this side of the pond though, filtering too fast and speeding…and thought ahhh, back to good ol londontown …and proper tea again…

Was watching the olympics and the americans dont like mentioning us out there do they :D…they praised up themselves all the time…all patriotic and that, as they are…going over the top a bit in my opinion…but come home, and we DO praise the american athletes…oh well…cant win em all i suppose…must admit i did have a smile when the jamaicans bust their asses in the athletics !! ok so they have the swimmer in Phelps…and boy what a swimmer… but the jamaicans can run !!! :smiley:

Well, nuff of that…time to get some sleep and back to work so i can go again next year to see Shamu and friends again !! :DEnjoy your hols Shaney baby…

OOOH am so jealous where is our summer, not fair :crying:


I thought it funny when you answered your moby lol good job it were steves phone and not mine lol i take it you are all brown? you jammy mare…be good to see you luvvie i for one have missed ya:D

Hey Blade, don’t be too sad! I’m in SW Florida waiting for Hurricane Fay (cat2) to hit within the next 24 hours!

I’m just putting up the Hurricane shutters, 25,000 people have been evacuated from the keys!

It’s not all fun down here!

I saw a biker down on Corkscrew Road, junction I4, typical Florida safety gear (ie No helmet, No gloves, No boots, shorts & vest), looked in a v bad way, I think his knees were down to the bone! Lost a lot of blood…not sure if he’s gonna make it!

Sounds like ya ‘avin’ it large, please bring the sun back with you :wink:



Nice Hotel Shane, did you have to ask specially for that one or are you a paid up member:D

Yeh we just got out in time, but you lot up there are having it bad i know !! Hope your going to be ok…all of you …sorry to hear about the biker but as you said, if they wont wear the gear its their own fault…i know it is so hot and humid every day, but rather be hot than have no skin or even end up dead because of a accident…its so sad though…hate hearing a bikers down…hope your hols wont be too disrupted…bluddy hurricanes eh?

one thing i dont get though, your in ibiza, and your coming on here?!lol

bring us back a wee present :wink: or at least some photos :stuck_out_tongue:

PS, have you seen eyeball paul?