Any owners of proper hogs in the Croydon/Bromley area? I’m thinking of buying one in the next couple of years but would want to at least sit on as many as possible before deciding! :slight_smile:

May not be a full on HOG but most of the Clubs around Croydon will be plenty of PIGS you can get to sit on you on a Friday night :slight_smile:

Do I pay more if I want to sit on them?


Warr’s area pretty large and well-regarded HD dealership. They’re in Chelseaish, but I think there’s an SE one, too.

Yeah there’s one in Mottingham which is nearer to me. I guess I could just do a load of test rides in one day with them, but it would be nice to meet some owners too :slight_smile:

You could contact HD directly, they should help you out. You could also hire one for a few days after you have had your test rides just to make sure

got to love HD’s test ride service name

Warr’s in Fulham are generally ok about test rides if you have your full license.
You can hire bike for £100-150 a day from them too.

I looked at getting a Fat Bob a while back but decided that chrome and UK weather doesn’t really work for me.
I’ll get one if I ever end up back in Oz.

man with waitrose bag, socks and crocs need not apply

No thanks. I like the oil in the bike, not all over my driveway :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a big dealership near Guildford that they have events at. Plenty to sit on there.

There’s always plenty to sit on as they are awful to actually ride :wink:

Definitely hire one for a day - the seats seem so comfortable in the showroom but give it 40 minutes and the forward control riding position starts to hurt as all your weight sits right on your tailbone. I like the aesthetics of cruisers, choppers and most Harleys but find them very uncomfortable to ride.

Another thing for me to figure out from this testing phase! I’m quite tall, and definitely long in the spine, so I’d have to see how that sits on the HD’s. They do quite a few different styles so maybe I’d end up going towards the tourer type (like the BMW that I have now)

Looking on the adventure bike forums it seems that bikes like the BMW R1200GS are becoming the new hogs. They’re big, imposing, expensive and there’s an infinite amount of accessories to fit onto them - with the added bonus that they are actually very capable bikes. If I wasn’t so short (and cash-strapped) I’d have a big GS. As it is I’ve just sold my Kawasaki VN900c and bought an 05 F650GS as a touring bike. Would still like a Fat Bob in my collection but definitely not as my everyday ride.

Yea I love the fat bob styling or a v-rod, but they do a lovely huge tourer too like you’re describing. Trouble is they’re ruddy expensive!

Goes to show how tame a HD is, no license / no experience / no problem!

I have an. Iron 883 and for London and suburbia cruisin it is perfect - even able to do filtering and with a stage 1 sounds awesome. A fat Bob, breakout etc is simply not worth investing in if you live in London and aren’t prepared to venture beyond the capital. Iron sportster is a gr8 choice to jet around in