Well Ive done it !! This is my “virgin” post !!! Well done for todays runout from the ACE CAFE…Really enjoyed meeting you all and having a (wee) blast!!! Nice to meet new bikers and WOMEN (at last !!!)…cant tell you how great it was to get out with more women than men today ha ha !!!..(and we gave em a run didnt we girlies)…us olduns still can do it eh Weaver !!!(you go girl)…Huge thanks to the guys…(our minders) oh and Weavers other half !!! (but hes not included cos he was one of “us” today !! ha ha) Oops, not a girlie though !!! Looking forward to our next encounter and more rides. Had a great day…mixed with the hooray henry set, in the shopping precinct, loved the looks etc etc etc…ha ha (well i guess we did look a bit menacing, us in our bikers gear and helmets, them in their sunday best dress and hats !!! ha ha…hope to see you all again…x

Hey Blade welcome, from another newbie! i went to the ace today also, first time at the ace and i loved it!! i met a mate for a ride, also a girlie biker!. I guess you went on the ladies ride eh? good luck and hope to see ya x

Good to meet you today, Jules! We didn’t really fit in in Windsor on a Sunday, did we? I did try to make my hair that big but the helmet took care of that.

Hey blade, welcome to LB! Glad you enjoyed the ride, looks like Paivi’s efforts paid off (nice one Paivi!). You should post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures & Video forum blade so we can recognise you! Hope to see you at Cubana/Waterloo some time soon…

Nice one

Will try and get pics sorted of bike, but if u look on the pics of us all on the runout? Mines the RR1000?

Hiya Paivi? Good one girl…now for our NEXT…we need LOADS more girlies, take a few of you men along, no egos or testosterone charged nutters either (although we are not afraid…believe!!) ha ha. No shopping stop offs ok…we promise we wont drag you around by your helmets…scuse intended pun !! x

Morrnin I have got 6 bods for escort duty 3 per group and one group wont be being pulled by ya helmet so ya just need dates

Welcome to LB Blade! Do you own a Blade? Great bike!

HA HA Mike…put me down for the “non” helmet pulling group and im sure the others will be with me! Will have to get something sorted, what about a Hastings/Brighton/Southend??? Whats happening this coming bank hol? Anything going on? x

hiya back

welcome to LB

The coast is on I got it covered


Knew you couldn’t resist!

Hi and welcome to LB blade. Plenty of female bikers on here, plus some in drag I hear

Welcome to LB, I was wondering bout bank holiday weekend aswell? Long as its not the monday, got to be at the ace for Honda Day (and get jealous of all the blade owner’s)

We can start and finish at ace? That way you wont miss seeing all da Hondas !!! But then IF you come along with us, you can look at mine (long as i can look at yours!)…hiya scarer, (you aint so scary!) Hiya andy baby !!! You looked a plonker when you stalled p’s bike !!! ha ha, that was better than me scarying the knickers off Weaver in the carpark at Windsor!!! Talk about going to someones rescue to turn the bike round for her, then doing that, AND in front of them all !! BUT you took it like a man (then went in the loo and banged yer head against the wall !!!) Hiya me ol mate Tricksie…talk soon…if we go off to the coast we have to get you there too!! Why cant one of you big strong? men, take her on yer bike?..i cant cos me bike wont take me and her fat ass together, thats my excuse and im sticking to it !!! (smile)

As for the run??? Dont knock the guys who came with us, they did brill, and made us laugh and relax into the ride, stayed with the back riders (and couldnt stay with the front ones ) ha ha…no seriously if he could, Andrew would have been with me and Scarer…but…nah nah nee nah nah…he couldnt !! And Mike? Well he had to stay at the back where he wanted to be, watching our asses, literally eh Mike !!

So post details of where to next, time and meeting place, and whoever wants to go…well turn up !!! x

U do anyway !!!

I owe you a Knickerbocker Glory!


Glad to see you joined…

loving it

aj (aka Kim)

Hiya Blade welcome to LB i must admit you look alot different in your films makeup must be top of the range