Hiya all

Good afternoon everyone.

How are we all today??

What’s everyone up to today??

just woken up and doing nothing all day

you lazy sod… you’ve missed half of this lovely dry sunday…

Afternoon all

Worked til 4am , just got up in time for MotoGP

Go Casey

Hello Sarah,

Am sitting here bored and just thinking of what to do… Need to go and fill bike up… but what to do next???

Not sure i need to go check my tyre’s and get some money out.


Do you want to go up Ace for a drink?

Yeah ok we going sainsbury’s first??

Ok, just getting boots on see you in a moment… LOL

ok lol see you in a little bit

Thought u were supposed to be coming with us today? so u wanted to go ace instead??? hmmmmm

didnt end up going had things to do at home… sorry