Hit & Run

Some people are unbelievable, was out yesterday and noticed a biker having a spot of bother over taking a BMW 4x4 - the guy in the BMW was vering towards the bike pushing him towards the other side of the road and on coming traffic, kept an eye on it in my side/rear mirrors and as they came to a set of pedestrian crossing the c**t knocked him of the bike and did not stop - I couldn’t believe it the guy actualy took him out on purpose, I turned round to help along with the guy behind me, and the car behind the accident went after the BMW and got the number plate - I really hope the police go after him and have him done (doubt it though police prob not even interested).

I just can not get over some one doing this and driving off.

That’s terrible. Where did it happen?
Was the biker okay?

That’s terrible.

Good there are witnesses! I think the Police do take hit & run serious, so as long as the plate is legit and car not stolen, they should be able to catch the driver.

Good on you for helping out. Too often these days people won’t care!

Mate if this was a silver BMW Z5 4x4 then PM me.
I had the same thing when I was in my car, which ended up with the guy ramming me from both front and back when I was stopped. Witnesses etc and it went to the police. My one happened in the Wanstead area.

Hope the rider is OK

It was a black BMW, happened on A21 past Farnbourough Hospital going towards Pratts Bottom, don’t think the biker was to badly hurt, saying that once the adrenalin has stopped he will prob be in a lot more pain, he was on a Harley, so damage could be expensive.


hope the rider is ok,

RE the police, i would expect them to be bloody intrested! The BMW driver IMO tried to kill the biker, simple as.

well done the other car for getting the plate, lets hope its a legit plate.

where did it happen?

Hope they catch the bastardo! Hope the biker is ok!

This is outrageous, as Ratty said, it is attempted murder. Hope the person delegated to get the number managed it.

Sounds like a different guy, but Ill have a look if I still have the plate number when I get home and PM you. I gave up pushing it in the end, but this one should definatley go all the way.

I had a run in with a black X5 on the same bit of road a couple of weeks back. Pulled out on me as I was filtering down a stationary line of traffic, I was lucky as I had enough room to get around him and miss the on-coming traffic

Probably the same guy :angry:

Hope he hasn’t got false plates and they catch the c*nt . Should definitely go down for that.

Sheet!!! :crazy:

This is happening too often. It’s happened to Demonbiker and Powerpuffgirl in the last 12 months too.

I hope the rider wasn’t badly hurt and has enough info to het these fuggers.


Sounds like the same guy Buttonmonkey had trouble with.

if more than one preson makes a complaint it should be OK, I assume everyone that had this problem with a similar car on that area will step forward??

just goes to show… you cant always get a true picture of whats going on by watching out for front wheel movement eh chunks? like i said in a prfevious post, they are killing us by any means necessary

This is crazy…I really hope the Police pursue this with the eye witness reports as evidence.

Must admit, I didn’t bother reporting it as it was just one of many that drive the same way :frowning:

yer I was going to say that, if we were to report every single idiot the nearly took us out I would be on the phone most of the morning to be honest