Hit and run - Check out this mad biatch in southall.

Like the c*nt who hit me and broke my leg.

SCUM BAG SLAG… I hope she got jail time… although somehow I doubt it.

Oh my god, that’s shocking. I can’t believe she tried to deny doing anything wrong when she was stopped. She shouldn’t be allowed to have a licence.

I really hope she got done big time for that.

what can be said:(

to think theres people like that out there, jail and loss of license is NOT ENOUGH

Thoroughly sickened watching that…:angry:

The word ‘Southall’ was all I needed to see…

f*cking hell… I mean how can you be so cruel and stupid as to not care about someone else?

Fair play to the dude for going after her - I think it’s safe to say we’re all lucky cause otherwise she may still have been on the roads…

And that’s why if I need to go to Hayes from Ealing I take the M4…

Damn good on the guy going after her, she’d be clean away with it otherwise. Terrifying that she thought she could get away with that!

disturbing…but goes to show how oblivious some people are to their standard of driving

That’s nasty.

To me the driver filming was a bit too keen to keep up with her before the smash- and too keen with the running commentary IMO. But I s’pose it sometimes takes a jobsworth type to do the right thing in these circumstances.


i said the same thing when i saw it posted last week :slight_smile:


I dont think that they’ll try prosecute the filmer/driver for anything. There’s much more **** going on. good on em. I dont care how the evedence is presented but she’s fooked it up proper. hang her for good measure… it could be a child next time…:crying:

what a dumb c**t :crazy:

bet when it goes to court the charges will be…


using phone while driving,

driving with passenger door not secure,

and made to pay £1000 to the lady for holding her hostage and filming her without her written permission:laugh:

Two wrongs don’t make a right.:Whistling:

She was out of control but…

who drives around willing other vehicles to smash into eachother :ermm: that’s a bit odd isn’t it?

Looks to me as if the person filming actually may have contributed to this, by driving so close behind and following the red car he may have spooked her and caused her to put her foot down more than she otherwise would.

Still, that’s no excuse for what she did and he did well to stop her.

Anyone seen a news article on this or know how it turned out, police/court/punishmentwise?

Damn thats so bad

Hang on a minute is that my wife?

I’m actually wondering if it’s fake now - the only info on this thing is the video itself - no mention in the news or nothing.

hmmmm . . . . :doze: