Historic Chelsea Bridge & Soho Bike Night Galleries

We realised we had a number of unpublished photo galleries from 2003 and on of the amazing, and infamous Chelsea Bridge, Ace Café and Soho Friday night bike runs, so have done something about it and got them online!

Recognise anyone?

We’ve got a load more to come from the Ace Cafe bike-nights as well :slight_smile:

Do these sort of meets happen anywhere anymore?

I remember occasionally going to Chelsea Bridge on a Friday night back in the mid nineties. Would be followed by a late night ride around the West End.

To some degree. There’s still people meeting at Chelsea Bridge I hear, but it won’t be the raucous lunacy we used to see during the height of the superbike era. Ace Café is always going off on Friday nights, though the authorities have clamped down on that time and time again. Not sure what other ‘spot’ meets there might be going on.

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