Highways agency

Can anyone enlighten me on the powers of the highways agency guys.

They travel the motorways in highly marked cars with ‘traffic officer’ on the side with ‘highways agency’ across the back.

Are they police cars or not???

no they have no powers they r there to help with crashes and breck down they cant chase anyone or nick they have to report it to the cops

Definitely not Police Officers…They work for The Highways Agency and are purely for traffic Control.

Plastic policemen

Powers will allow Highways Agency Traffic Officers (HATO’s) to:Stop traffic and close roads, lanes and carriageways Direct and divert traffic Place and operate traffic signs Manage traffic at traffic surveys. These involve stopping vehicles and asking drivers about their journeys. The information from these surveys is used to develop and plan future investment in the transport systemNo, they’re not Police, and cannot stop you for speeding or other moving traffic offences (but they can contact traffic police if, for example, you whizzed past them at 140mph, and I’ve heard that they can make ‘credible witnesses’)

They’re not there to enforce the law or make arrests.

However, it is an offence for a member of the public to fail to comply with a HATO’s directions or to ignore their instructions.

Hey, google is a wonderful thang.

why what you done???

yeah nother fantastic idea by our government - lets get rid of the highway police and replace them with “highways agency traffic officer’s” who can do sod all to keep the roads safer!!! really good idea that one is