*** Highway Code Update - Please Read ***

I must’ve missed the memo, but apparently the generally accepted practice is now manovure, signal, mirrors - please update your driving style in line with this update.

You need to check the fine print. Smokers, mobile phone users, and Merc and BMW drivers are excluded from this directive (whichever order the actions are in)There is also a new piece of hazard perception advice: beware of any driver wearing any sort of hat.


Ladies applying make-up whilst driving are obviously exempt from any rules and regulations at all, forget this one at your peril:w00t:

Actually i think you’ll find on page 68 of the highway code that you now only watch the car in front of you, indicators are optional from most car manufacturers now, and the cars that have dangly things from their unused rear view mirrors are now subject to their own rules! :D:D

haha yeah lorrys today seemed to all be driving with their pants over their eyes, the fudgers nearly had me twice. Who enters roundabout in right hand lane (lane 3) and exits on the far left lane on the first junction, with out indicating or checking mirrors!!! Twats! Reminded me of Kent Polices Finest Community Support on Sunday :hehe::hehe::hehe: