High tech Speed Cameras

That’s why everyone stops for a coffee/food/p/cig break at the services in between tolls. :wink:

Agreed. But that’s only because the French give the “criminal” in the car a sporting chance.

Where are you going to do that stop between junctions on the M25* or the A1(M) south of Peterborough?

*O.K. I know about Clackets Lane, but other than that?

Yeap me too, also means that the non-cameraed roads are going to get more congested!!

They won’t be happy until we’re all caged and micro-chipped - only then can the authoritarian personality relax. Why doesn’t everyone just ignore the fecking things - I would love to see them ban the whole country - somehow I think the cameras would come down in a thrice.

If they are the ones from the press stories a while back as John said then they are both average and instanteous. So if you go past one at 80 cos you didn’t see it, and the slow down so your average speed is fine, you will still get nicked from the 80 camera.

No more money for cameras. Money to put traffic officers back on the road to deal with the scum and villainy and the total incompetents that have become prevailent on the roads of the UK.