High tech Speed Cameras

I knew they’re in the pipeline, but as early as next year :frowning:http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/driving/article4909662.ece

How many swear words can we use?

Oh, for God’s sake. Where does it end?

I don’t want to get all Daily Mail, but jeez. Why don’t we all just go and buy grey jumpsuits and have done with it? :angry:

Bleeding hell nowhere is safe, :w00t::w00t:

Are you sure about grey - thought that they were orange!

well if they are front facing, and they remove the old type ones, I will be ok with them :slight_smile:

You, you post once every 6 months and that all the good news you come up with?

unbelievable - even when all the research that has been done proves that speed is not the main cause of accidents (in fact its one of the last), this government is a joke. can’t wait to see the stats when its all inplace and car drivers are all being driven insane!

some of us have real jobs and a life Frenchie :wink:

Still waiting for a reply to my email btw, it’s not very french to keep a gal waiting too long surely :stuck_out_tongue:

How many crashes do you realistically see compared to the number of cameras? Most of the crashes I’ve ever seen have been caused by people not loooking what their doing, changing lanes, not stopping in time etc.

I would have thought most crashes would occur on bends not on straight empty roads if people are speeding but theres always a way around cameras :smiley:

I cant see why they dont send out more police to catch people who really do drive dangerously and cause accidents - if I was a traffic officer I could nick 100’s of people a week just going up and down the A2, the amount of people I still see on the phone is rediculous! Surely going along chatting on a phone whilst driving dangerously is worse than travelling a few mph over the speed limit - I know some people do go way over the speed limit but its not as dangerous as say driving your tinted window range rover at night whilst on your mobile and changing lanes without looking?

It’s the use of them on 20mph zones that worry me…

£300k per network? Thats insane… how many cameras are on a network? does that mean that if you have two or three of them on a 700 yard stretch of residential road it will cost £300k??? Thats mental.

It will depend on whether these are going to be front or rear facing, i presume they will be rear facing, although, that said, i’ve never seen rear facing average speed cameras??

I must admit, all the average speed cameras that I have seen are all forward facing, which would be great.

Also I now live in a 20 mph zone with speed humps, and it doesn’t work, it does not reduce the speed of the vehicles down the road, maybe the speed camera will. I actually have no objection to them in the residential area that I live in, but it has to go on a case by case basis, and not a blanket of cameras everywhere.

Some of the average speed cameras we have now are rear facing - sometimes you get 2 cameras, 1 forward facing and 1 rear facing but just change lanes once you’ve gone past and it wont work :stuck_out_tongue:

The latest generation of SPECS camera (which is what I believe this article is going on about) are rear and forward facing to get both registration numbers and pictures of drivers. They will also be type approved for use on motorcycles(which the current SPECS cameras aren’t), so bikes will be catchable.

£300k sounds a lot, but to provide a marked police vehicle 24/7 for the same stretch of road would soon top that. Still I’m waiting for the new generation of speed camera which can catch uninsured unregistered, stolen, cloned vehicles being driven by wanted criminals,carrying stolen goods…

“…that the new cameras would bring significant safety benefits as well as reduce congestion by making traffic flow more smoothly…”

MY ARSE! Another Tax on us all, when are we going to take down the government?


As soon as we can have an election!

It can`t get worse than that can it.

Big fecking Brother :angry:

Don’t know if it still goes on, but a few years back it was quite common in France for the N road toll booths to hand you a fixed penalty ticket if you arrived too soon after you’d left the last one.

Result? You’d be chugging along being legal (and very, very bored) and get passed by some hyper car doing 150?M.P.H. Further down the road you’d pass it doing 10?M.P.H. in the inside lane while it waited for the right time to get to the toll booth.

Yeah, that was super safe.