High-brow joke

Honestly, I had to be told the punchline.

Pfizer vaccine: effective, protective and safe
Modena vaccine: effective, protective and safe
Oxford vaccine: effective, protective, and safe


You’re going to have to tell me too.

Try to imagine anyone funnier than me_groovy, a clown and a fool.

It would be easier to get the joke if you sae the Covid announcement in the Commons, which was a tricky afternoon for the Speaker who had to deal with Boris Johnson, a dodgy connection and a complete malfunction.

The Oxford one has an extra coma


I’m a fan of that comma

Ah, the “Oxford comma”. I geddit.

Kind of like the joke.


I wonder if @Panagiotis was sleepy when he wrote that to miss of the m or he did it on purpose, anticipating dozy puns?

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def on purpose :wink: