HID Kits

Can anyone tell me if this is anygood??


if not can someone recommend me a kit, im not sure what to get 8000k, 12000k etc


No idea on that kit but I wouldn’t go for 8k or 12k lights as they are too blue and you’ll look like a wannabe cop plus the bluer the light the less distance it throws onto the road.

6k would the max I’d for.

Sorry no advice on which kit, I’d had mine fitted ages ago.

+1 Nivaq

12000k lights will be far from blue, more like purple, and there is a chance will be worse than stock.
Best option for best visibility/distance is 4300k, ,most stock cars have 5000-5600k (light blue’ish)

WOWZA! Thats really cheap…

I say buy it, get it fitted… Then give us a review… :smiley:

thanks alot

i went for this one


ill let you know when one



Yeah agree get the 6k

I bought this one for my 2009 R6


And here’s a little video too


I think your FB is set to private.
The video doesnt work.

also Facebook is w**k so im not on it,

do you have the YouTubw link mate?



Go for this one:


I have it on my GSXR. Really good quality

I was thinking of a similar kit for the Bonne’ to upgrade some running lights for night riding, let us know the pros and cons of your installation and some photos too

Dont laugh if this is a stupid question

Will this kit make both lights come on or just the one side and the high beam on the other side

I want them to be on both sides all the time but not high beam

any suggestions?

That would depend on how you wire it.

ok any suggestions on the correct way?

If you don’t know how to do it, Id recommend NOT to do it… Or get someone else to do it…

You could mess up the wiring and make a real puzzle out of it.

I bought on ages ago…its still in the mancave in box :smiley:

be a winter job as its a nosecone off jobby on the 'Bird