I was on the coach this morning as my bike is in the shop having a new tyre and MOT and a very nice SV went passed me at Aldgate. I noticed it had this website address on the bike so I thought I’d check it out.

Always like to introduce myself on new forums, seems rude not to.

Anyway, my name is Vaughn and I’ve been a biker for a year. I own a 99’ Suzuki GSX600F in bright yellow. I use my bike as a commuter from Walderslade in Kent to my office in the city.

Hope to meet and speak to people on here in the future.

Cool, welcome to LB! Coming to our meet this week?!


Unfortunately I won’t have my bike back by then but I’ll probably come along to the next meet after that.

Hey Vaughny, welcome to the site, im from Chatham, we must meet up sometime!

Hio and welcome to LB.

Welcome dude!

Definitely mate, anytime!

Hello from me

See Jay, give the stickers away for free and you get free publicity. Send me some and I’ll happily display them…at no sponsership cost to you

Welcome, new biker dude. Enjoy the site!