new on here been riding about 18 months, ive got honda 600rr 07 and luv it,

from north london area and hope to get on some rideouts as i ride alone alot

so big hello to everyone

Hi welcome to LB:D,

Nice bike

Welcome :slight_smile:

cheers im actualy in waltham abbey but born n bred in tottenham,

Hi And Welcome To LB May See You Up At High Beach As Your Near That

sometimes pop up to high beech,wanna go to b m on wednsday just to say hi cause im new.who else will be there and what time

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello Martins, nice Honda :slight_smile:

thanks peeps

Ello and welcome…nice bike - iwantoneofthose.com lol :smiley:

Hello and welcome to LB:D Epping area myself and have to been known to take in some tea and cake at High Beech now and again:Whistling:

nice ride, welcome :slight_smile:

thanx for the welcomes,went to BM meet the other night and it was nice to talk to some of you guys,first time ever done this sort of thing and realy enjoyed it and was made to feel very welcome(can be abit shy at times lol)was asked down to the ace after which was a nice ride in a group across town(first group ride aswell).so thanks to everyone and hope to see you soon

greetings, welcome to LB

Hi Martin,

How are you ?


hello Martin. welcome to LB. I’m not far from u. Muswell Hill. Po$h innit :smiley:

thanks for more hiyas peeps

welcome :smiley: