Hi All,

Just joined , i met a load of you all friday at the cafe, really good bunch of people.

I’m looking forward to some good ride outs over the summer from what ive been hearing about the meets on the site!!!


Hi and welcome aboard.

Ello mate, good to meet you too

Shoulda warned me ‘bout the pic… Where’s ZS’ hand??? hahaha


Hiya! Good to meet you at Frith last night and hope you found your way home ok. Catch you at one of the meets soon


Hello bro, good to meet you last night. Nice bike Me, Terry and Tug went back to Frith when we left you! Stayed there till half 2ish then went home. Was a good night.

Catch ya soon

It was really nice meeting you all, i just want to thank you all for a really warm welcome!!

is anyone going on the southend run monday?

hey, good to see you’ve joined up. Welcome to LB

thanks good luck with your track day !!!

When i followed Adam home i filmed him doing wheelies while i was riding!! it brought a whole new meaning to riding, does anyone know how i can get them on the site ive tried but it keeps saying that there not an mine file type.

I’m sure Silverstone will be fun

Check here for people doing the Southend run on Monday


Welcome aboard

Crowd of us going to BSB at Brands Monday, not sure where the thread is though

hi, welcome to the site, nice R6, dont tell any of them other yamaha ha ha ha riders I said that.

Hello Biscuit, just joined myself! I just dribbled on my keyboard looking at your bike, NICE! Hope to meet you some time.

how do biscuit, was a good night on friday night, should of seen the wheelies yesterday!!! they’re coming on nicely!!

if you fancy BSB on monday at brands let me know,

Do i have to buy tickets? i wouldn’t mind it who’s going?

we’re just getting tickets on the gate. around the £30 mark, johnny a good little crowd riding down and a few people already gonna be there.

i’ll let you know what time and where we’re meeting as soon as i know!

Nice one mate yeah im up for it, i’m just putting on your vid!!

Just put your vid on have a look.


welcome to the site

Thanks nice to meet you.