Hi to all you Newbies!!

Welcome to Londonbikers - its a great place!

Long time me no newbie post!!

I recently had my restrictions from work lifted so I’m now back on during the day - you may get to find out that this place gets addictive LOL!!

Welcome welcome, come in - am holding the virtual door with the virtual nibbles


Hiya Sincere, certainly discovering the addictive nature of this site.
Might see you at one of the ride-outs. Certainly loads of different events to chose from.

Nice to meet you.

Don’t mean to be rude, but what flavour nibbles ya got?

I had to read that twice i thought you said Nipples lol


No silly - NIBBLES - I’d have difficulty holding my nipples and the virtual door in this crazy online world!


Mmmmm… chocolate nipples :smiley:

hi lou, you hold the door, i’ll sort the rest out:P



you crazy cats!!