Hi there, fellow bikers

HiYa, me names Michael AKA michaelzrx, and yes i ride and love me Kwak ZRX s.

I have been dropping in here for ages now, and thought it twas about time i said a formal Hello

Also i am a Moderator on www.zrxuk.co.uk (please feel free to drop in and look around there)

Hope to see some of you guys on a Wens evening (work permitting).

C Ya

Hello Michael, a warm welcome to LB mate.

Good Morning Michael,

and welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



" poke poke with the newbie stick "

OOuuyy that tickles…

welcome to the site

Hey Michael, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures forum, eh!

its not supposed to…

Am i gonna have to get DA to poke you with his crutch???


oh and btw - can I have a vodka and lime please… thanks!

Howdy mate make yourself at home.

Just re-read AJ’s post, thought it said she’d get DA to poke you with his crotch !!!

Lordy, we’re not that kinda site nor do I think DA goes in for that sort of action… LoL

Hey michaelzrx hope you enjoyed your warm welcome to LB they call me DA

Now we have all been introduced take a SMACK infact take 3 can’'t have you laughing at our newbie stick we have a rep to protect, Oh your safe with me your not my type wrong sex try G___er

Hope you like Da new crutches

Welcome to LB fella.

Abbey is the Poker General so be careful

Thats General Abbey to you!!!

Thanks for the welcome, hope to see some of you soon.

Hello mate, and welcome…

Hope to see you down cubana’s