Hi people on two wheels!

Hi there,

Unfortunately the only bike I own at the moment is an old non-runner GPZ which I’m trying to put back on the road.

Before that I had a few bikes like the XT600 , CBR600F

I hope to see you guys at one of the newbie nights soon.

Look out for the blue smoke:D


Hello dude, I’ve just pitched up myself. I’ll be the first to say hello.:smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome, I’m still waiting to get to newbie night myself :slight_smile:

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

I really should get to a Newbie Night as well - it’s getting embarrasing now…

(If anyone says: “Bit like your bike…” I’ll make angry faces :D)

hi and welcome to lb

welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi welcome to LB :slight_smile: