Hi one and all

Hi everybody, just thought I’d come and say hello. My toy is a rather nice blue and white (of course there is no other colour for this bike heehe :P:P) GSX1400 when the weather is nice, don’t do the wet stuff any more out of choice. The plastic is behind the bar so help yourself to your favourite tipple. I’ll have a large JD and coke with lots of ice please.;):wink:


Hi and welcome aboard.

oh good day to you and welcome!!:slight_smile:

hi there and welcome aboard to LB

Hi m8, Welcome.

hi there

nice bike mate:)

Sadly my bike is not the one in the piccie. The one pictured is the one used this weekend by Chris Vermuelen in OZ as a tribute to the late great Barry Sheene. I’ll put a piccie of my bike up soon.


Welcome to LB m8!

Welcome, but I expect to see you out on a dry day :wink:

Hi and welcome.


Hey Pete, welcome to LB :slight_smile: I love the CV_BS rep as well!

Hi and welcome, nice bike. (the 14 I mean ;))

Hi and welcome from one sunny day rider to another.

I do because I can;)

hi ya, welcome!

i do…as i have no other choice!..lol


I’ll have a Pimms and Lemonade please!!

Welcome to the site and hope to see you around :slight_smile:

Hi all thanks for the warm welcome. Looks like there are a few ‘fair weather’ riders in here. Thats good cos I thought I was wimp ;).

Am thinking of getting the 1400 resprayed, have fallen for the colours as worn by Mr V last week, me thinks could be the winter project along with polishing all of the ally bits and peices.

Look forward to running into one or two you at some point in the future. I live in sunny Sussex, am up at Whiteways and Box quite often so hopefully will bump into one or two of you.


welcome to lb…your right b/w only one to have:D

mans bike for sure…and very much in the traditional style, something I love…mind you my trouble is I love them all, and want that, that, that and that etc etc…

welcome…will look out for you at box…

Hey pete…Welcome