Hi, Noob with an old bike


Just thought I’d nose my way in here. I’m a member of a few forums, a few scooter ones and one classic Honda one.

I’m a 31 year old female who has been riding since the age of 16 but mostly scooters, I bought my first “proper” bike in 1999. An odd choice for a 22 year old, a 1973 Honda CB350F, but I loved it so much I still have it now. I went through a patch of not riding too much when I moved to a job in Colindale NW London, and I kept the bike at my parents place in Dorset. Only riding on the odd weekend.

I got back properly onto two wheels in 2006 when I bought a Yamaha Majesty 250 scooter with the intention of commuting to work on it from East herts. Unfortunately the Majesty - though a reasonably capable mile muncher, never set my world on fire, it was difficult to filter on and the handling scared me somewhat!

So last April I sold it and bought an Aprilia Leonardo 250 scooter… same engine as the Majesty - completely different feeling scooter to ride… I love the Aprilia and it’s brilliant to ride in the horrendous A1 traffic.

I got my Honda back living with me a month or so ago and I’m slowly getting out on it every now and again and getting used to riding it.

Oneday I might have a modern bike, but I don’t know. I like the practicality of the scooter for commuting.

I think my next bike (scooter) will be a Gilera Nexus 500.

But I’ll still have the Honda for the snicking through the gears feeling…

Nowt wrong with old Hondas

Hello and Welcome by the way :smiley:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

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Welcome to LB:)

I haven’t seen a 350/4 for ages. I had a 400/4 many moons ago. Lovely bikes, the pair of them:)

Hope to see you and your CB soon:)

Thanks guys

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Welcome to LB :wink: