Hi lb members !

Hello lb Members,

This is one great looking site,
been here as a guest a few times over the past 6 months and finally decided to register !

See you in the forums, ::stuck_out_tongue:



Hello Ghost, welcome to LB :cool:

Hi and welcome aboard.

HI there and welcomed to LB

Hello and welcome Ghost:)

Where ya from and whats your ride?

Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

Hi Mate and welcome to LB

Thanks for the welcome ! :cool:

Debz, I see you were no 1

I am currently living in South Africa, good food, great weather and long roads.

I am on my second Graphite Daytona 675 after destroying the first one on the 29th Sept 2007 !

Hoping the second one makes it a lot further:



boooo…where did he go…who said that…was it a ghost???

HI fella

Welcome. And nice bike.

hello and welcome mate, lucky bugger good weather and roads :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB:cool:


hi and welcome!

Hello and welcome to LB:D

You guys really know how to make a newbie feel welcome,:D:P:D

Thanks all, much appreciated !


What took you so long? :hehe:

Hello and welcome to a great site and community

I had no idea you trashed your bike?! told ya should’ve got it in black :Whistling:


Thanks again everyone ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi M,

Glad to be here:

This pic is for you since you just started flying:

Not that kind of flying :stuck_out_tongue: but cheers hun