Hi incoming nu newbie

Evening all, attended Brands Hatch bike meet with Ducati mates & met Salee, who by the way is one excellent bird. Anyway she gave me her biz card and here I am… B GENTLE




hi there sorry was watchin tv

Hey Gonzo welcome There is a newbie meet on the 2nd at the Ace Cafe

as another Newbie I will be there, come along… what d’you ride?..

Welome to LB nubie

poke poke n smack with the newbie crutches



NO NO NO…he got it right the first time…shucks LOL

(another one under me belt…we should be getting points or prizes)

oh yeah…WELCOME … which one were you??? LOL

Welcome to LB, Salee’s been at again then she should be the LB recruitment officer she got me too

Hello welcome to LB

Hi and welcome to the LBs, maybe see you at the Ace on the 2nd


Hey Gonzo, welcome to LB! Hope to see you at Cubana…

Welcome to lb