Hi guys, met some of you already

Hi all,

Though i’ve been registered on here for a little while, this is my first post. I’m Mantzy, been to a couple of Cubana meets on Wednesday (always wearing a red hat - usually chatting to Dogstar and Misty). I’m the one on the 99 black zx6r, or was as I’ve now been banned for 15-20 months for being over the limit while riding back from Cubana a couple weeks back. So, I’ll be the one on the pushbike. And then I can drink as much as I like! Hope I can still be welcome even though my bike is currently riderless (its for sale now too), and that my new bike comes without an engine.

See some of you next wednesday, those I don’t, why aren’t you there?


Bad luck, drink ride… is bad

can you be done for drink riding a push bike?

Hey Mantzy, of course you’re welcome. How unfortunate, but those Cubana drinks can be quite strong.

Hiya and an official welcome to LB

poke poke with our newbie stick…



bad news to hear about the ban…

welcome to LB

Hello and welcome to LB. Hopefully will see you at Cubana.

In answer to Adam’s question about being drunk on a pushbike - YES. You get done.

Ahhhh poke, poke and POKE good lucky at LB you may need it here there an odd bunch lol

When drunk do you wobble when you ride?


Hello and welcome! Next time you are tirsty at the Cubana’s drink water mate! lol… Sorry about yuor ban

Hi Mate

I was gutted last night when you told us you had been banned.Even if you have to use the pushbike come down to the Cubana anyway for a chat.If you think of it another way you have15 to 20 months to save for a new bike.All the best mate see you soon.


welcome dude. We can always sellotape some make-shift fairings to your pushbike and plonk a helmet on your head. Improvise is the way forward.