Hi from west London

Hi there guys,

Just passed my mod 1/2 today with the expert help from terry moto, did’nt get any stunt advice tho ( think that costs extra) lol :smiley:

Im currently riding my Honda cbf 125, looking for a honda hornet asap.

Looking forward to meeting up and going on rides out.


P.s if theres anyone selling a honda hornet pm me.

Congratulations! Welcome to LB.

welcome aboard mate. :slight_smile:

Did they forget to tell you about mod 1

That’s the circus skills stunt course!

Welcome to LB


hello :smiley:

welcome fella, west is best!

If Terry got you through you obviously have a mind of yer own.:smiley:

Thanks for the welcome guys, appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the forum :smiley:

Congrats and welcome to LB.


Welcome and ride safe.



Bought a Hornet yet?

Hello and welcome. Congrats on passing! Did you do Mod1 and 2 on the same day?
Good luck on finding your Hornet. :slight_smile:



i think you need to change ya name now eh?