Hi from Wallington

Morning All,

Been browsing the forum since April when I started my DAS. Well all passed and now have myself a bike, nice 2010 Street Triple.

Probably picked the worse time of year to start riding but still love it and learning loads.

Morning commute through Mitcham, Streatham, Brixton, Tower hill, so if I have peed anyone off on the way apologies…

Here she is:-

Well… Hello all and safe riding in this lovely British weather :slight_smile:

welcome to the club

Welcome.Great choice of bike.

Welcome and if you can make it through the winter then you’ll be bike ready for when the good weather starts again :smiley:

Thanks, I did alot of research and it was down to that and a Hornet, just couldn’t get the ST out my head.

Only been riding for 3 weeks and already cannot wait until the sun comes out and the roads are dry :smiley:


Hi and welcome …

(From Carshalton)

Hi and welcome!


A warm welcome to LB Add777 - great bike - definitely the right choice (I want one too!). Hopefully see you at Borough Market (Wednesdays) or Newbie Night at the Ace (First Monday of the month) very soon.

Thanks CurlyAlly, will def try. Work in Wapping so Borough Market is defiantly doable…

Nice looking bike in the right colour:D However I may be biased of course

Thanks Broady - I was torn between Black and White but it shad to be black in the end…pleased with my choice! :smiley:

Welcome!! Your bike looks EXACTLY like my lovely old Street Triple :slight_smile: I traded her in for a grey Street R - but always wonder who bought her. Fantastic choice of bike. Make sure you get some Autumn ride outs in on the lanes :slight_smile: