Hi from Southeast London

Hello all, another newbie here! :w00t:

Recently moved to London from Vilnius, Lithuania, really excited to find this community and forum! Been riding for 13 years now (gosh, I’m getting old or what?), owned and ridden a Yamaha FZR600, Suzuki SV650, Kawasaki ZX-6RR and a couple of Hondas (Fireblade RRX and RR1 and a VTR) in the past. My current bike is a Triumph TT600, so hopefully I’m going in the right direction!

I’m mostly interested in sportsbikes and racing, done a little bit of racing myself in the past and very much look forward to doing my first UK trackday, and hopefully getting a track bike and joining one of the clubs in the near future. Isle of Man TT is another thing I can go on about forever, been going there since 2006 and love everything about it. I’m sure there’s lots of TT fans on this forum too. :slight_smile:

Happy to find out about the LB meetings in Borough Market as it’s so close to where I live and work, hope to meet some you there real sooon.

Cheers. :smiley:

Welcome to the forum - SE London massive! See you on the Old Kent Road no doubt :smiley:

Indeed :smiley: Welcome to LB matey :slight_smile:

Sveikinu prisijungus prie LB :wink:

jeez i miss the old kent road commute :D:D

welcome to the forum

:blink: Old Kent Road is by far the shittiest road in London!

ain’t you sold that motor yet! :smiley:

thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

OId Kent Road it is then :hehe: watch out for the blue Triumph!

Kostas: sveikas kolega!

Hi welcome:D

not yet :smiley: you picked that toy up yet :slight_smile:

welcome to lb

Hi And Welcome To LB M8

Hello and welcome to LB:D

More a Walworth/Camberwell Road man myself.

Sveiki atvykę į laivą draugas :smiley:

Friday bruv! ;):hehe:

Hahah, good one! Nice meeting you mate!