Hi from South Africa


I’m new to this forum and would like to say hi and let people know whats happening south of the equator…
Here’s a couple of pics of a ride out we had a few weeks ago.



Hello and welcome - Can you send us a bit of that sun you’re enjoying - even a little bit would be nice…

Top roads too!

Hey Scorp

An old SA girl here, welcome. A mate and I are coming over in January and planning on hiring bikes. Would love to get some advice on some roads and the bike hire.


Hi and welcome aboard.

Howzit Scorp

Welcome to the forum, I recognise some of those names from the bikesa forum

Thanks peeps!

Hi Neets, cool, Absolutely no prob, would be happy to suggest some great routes…keep in touch.

Hilton, yeah, bikesa fell over with some legal ramblings and then was resurrected but by then thinkbike had started up elsewhere, so bikesa has a new following…

Whats biking like in the UK?

hi there and welcome

i like you high viz jacket any chance of sending one to me in the uk

Plenty of Bikes, Plenty places to go, Just gotta get used to the weather, been here 5 years now so no problem for me.

What I do miss is the Open Roads of SA where u can tank it for miles on end.

Welcome mate!!

I am getting married in cape town in january 2008 to a south african!!! Was out there jan this year…WHAT AMAZING ROADS!!! Found it almost impossible to find a decent bike to hire??? Can you point me in the right direction for when i am there in jan??? Going to be there a month and definately need to take advantage of some of the most amazing roads I have ever seen!!!

All the best mate!!!

PS - pm me if you like…cheers…

hi and welcome

…and Welcome to yet another Saffa from a Saffa…

sheesh, quite a few saffers here…

GSXR1kBoy, congrats! …Re renting bikes in capetown, you really want a superbike to enjoy these roads…a cruiser is fine but
you really need a sportsbike…lets see.

GS1200 or F650’s

More BMW’s

…even more beemers

ahh in the right direction

erk…now its Harleys

…sorry mate, no one wants to rent out their sportsbikes, probably because we all know what can happen to rentals :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll be the first to start sportsbike rentals…:slight_smile:

You could consider buying a bike, you can get a cbr600 for 4500 pounds.

You could arrange a test ride with Honda, and take their demo 1000 or 600 for a day long jaunt :slight_smile: …for nix…:):slight_smile:

Cheers for the info mate!:smiley:

Will check the sites out and see whats on offer…looks like it will be a bit of a come down after my GSXR1000 K6 though!!! Guess i got to meet myself half way…

If you get any other info please pass it on!:slight_smile:

Think your idea of a business would be spot on for us petrol heads visiting SA!!!

Thanks again and stay in touch…:wink:

I see you’re also an Apocalypse Now fan…

yeah its a step down from K6…having ridden one myself…its a torque monster, but so smooth after the ZX…

At R300 a day i’d have to rent the bike out every day for a year to break even…probably be on 30-40k km’s then too…hmmm

Howzit Scorp! Jislaaaik you sommer make me homesick man! Did some of the “think bike” rides in Jhb before I came over to London last year from Midrand. Missing the SA sunshine loads. It is crazy riding in London, you have to watch out for manhole covers, mobility scooters, speed humps, bicycles, pikeys (yobs), roundabouts (there are millions of traffic circles), taxi’s, white vans, a zillion scooters and the robots even work differently here!! My riding skills have had to improve dramatically! Bikes also get stolen here a lot more so you have to have every security system known to man!:stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow say hi to the sun for me…cheers Cyndi

Welcome to Londonbikers :slight_smile: