Hi from late joiner to biking world...

Hi All,

Just wanted to say hi and hola from Bracknell. I’m a 36 year old (about to be) owner of a 2008 Aprilia RS125 which I plan on using to get reaquainted with 2 wheels before getting my dream bike…oh and of course passing my direct access.

Great site and I look forward to many miles of adventure.


Hi & welcome to LB:D

Good evening to you!

Thanks guys.

I now have the fun task of getting some gear and helmet. I love the Barry Sheene replica, but am worried I’ll look a nonce while on a 125 :slight_smile:

I know it sounds stupid, but I’ve not been this excited about a new toy since getting my last car (which has now unfortunately gone due to the combined effects of a baby and recession).

Hello and Welcome :smiley:

Ha - I got back on 2 wheels 7 months ago, about a week before my 34th birthday.

Hadn’t ridden a motorbike since I was 17 - it’s the passion that counts, not the experience :wink:

Hello and welcome to LB:D Its never too late to start,just be aware it can be a serious addiction:w00t:

hello and welcome to lb:P

Welcome to LB:)

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB. It’s never to late to ride :cool:

Hello! I know Bracknell haven’t been that way in years! Welcome :w00t:

Welcome aboard. I spent a very nice weekend camping in Bracknell once in the '80s, at a WOMAD concert/festival (Womad Blues And Rhythm Fest, South Hill Park Arts Centre, July 1989).

Lots of people in Bracknell work in the Met Office. If you are one of these, perhaps you can provide special super-long-range and accurate LB rideout weather forecasts :cool:

I hope you enjoy your new bike, and wish you every success with your DAS and biking generally :slight_smile:


Welcome to Londonbikers - may sure you get yourself down to the Ace Café on 5th October for our newbie meet. We meet every Wednesday at Borough Market too.

Anyway, welcome aboard!!

Hey mate, welcome to LB! whats your dream bike?

If you want good gear at reasonable prices try going to factory outlet stores, like George White


Thanks everyone for the nice welcome. In answer to Kaeben, my dream bike has to be a Ducatti 1098R, although I suspect it would be a while before I could even contemplate one, even if by freak accident, funds allowed :slight_smile:

welcome to lb :smiley:

welcome m8


Welcome on board mate - spent a few evenings around Braknell myself practicing some fun around the little circuit near BMW offices :wink: - a good little route to practice some bends :smiley: