Hi Folks - Great site / Forum

Hi Folks

Been using this GR8 site to gleam bits n pieces over the last few months…

Finally decided to register at long last ~ hopefully I’ll be able to contribute
constructive info ! … and continue to suss out things I didn’t know !!!

My daily ride is an an ex police Pan … Fab tool that does a bit of everything…

Though I’m looking for a gixxer thou K3/4 thats been down the road to do up,
hopefully for a few track days in Southern Spain next year.

Anyways glad to meet you all…

Ride safe folks… better to be minute late than never arrive at all.


Hi there. :smiley:

Hi Edshack, welcome to LB. An ex-police Pan? I hope it’s not the bucking bronco variety, or if it is, that you have managed to tame the beast… :w00t:

Cheers folks…

I’m lucky enough to have have enjoyed both varieties - and oldy - loooved her…

Then a more recent tail kicker… Still brill but not if you want to sh** yourself…
on a regular basis…

So back to an oldy again - and loooove her even more :satisfied: They always say the experienced one’s are the best:laugh:


Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi and Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hey, welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Hi to you all… cheers for the welcome …


welcome to the site!

Well that will be a novelty on here :smiley:

welcome to Lb mate :slight_smile: