Hi everyone

Hi I’m Terry, came on here looking for sensible people to ride with :wink:

No chance of that mate :slight_smile:

There’s lots of friendly people on here, but not sure I’ve met any sensible ones.

But welcome. Enjoy the lunacy.

your new arnt you?

You still got the 690smc terry?
Shane what bike you on?

Hi Terry!

your new arnt you?
Indeedy. Commented on this before seeing his other posts :D

Thanks for the welcome fella, been a few years since I was on here :wink:

No mate sold it a while back, just ride a school bike now :pensive:

Hello Captain Pugwash, brought your mate Maggie Lafayette as well !

Welcome back Terry. I think the last I saw you was at a services on the M25

MD - Still on the Gixxer thou K5 matey.!!

Welcome back Terry :slight_smile:

welcome Back Terry, Get the old TUG boat to come back now

Welcome :stuck_out_tongue: