hi everybody!

Hi to you all…
I’ve been reading this forum for a while as a guest and now I finally decided to sign in…
I’m italian from Sicily and I’ve been 1 year in London already with my girlfriend…
Of course i love motorbikes and I’m considering in getting an old (20 yrs) sportbike here in London or bringing my loved bike (CBR F SPORT) from Italy…
well, that’s all for now

ciao everybody!

Hi welcome to LB:D

Mate of mine came here and insurance was over £13oo:w00t:

first time insuraned in this country,

so he got 125cc, for first year after 8month he got cbr 6, as a second bike,

£800 ish, still a lot, but do check it out first.

Good luck:D

Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome To The Mad House & Lovely Choice of Honda :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Bonjourno dude :smiley:

Welcome to London Bikers. Hope u have fun.

Hi and welcome :wink:

hi guys!

for blackbird: I know insurance may be well expensive, however I got a quote on a 1990 fzr on ebike that was under £200 per annum

My dream is to bring over my CBR f Sport (keeping italian plate and insurance), i’m a bit concerned about theft though as i work in Barbican and i’ve been reading a lot about this issue.

the trip wouldn’t be a problem as I already did it in 2007, from Sicily all the way to the Isle of Man TT!!!


Welcome to LB and good luck with getting the bike over:D

hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB :cool: