hi everybody!

Hi everyone, snappy here!Just to say hello, most of you already know me as Mrs p., andyp’s pillion wiith the camera slung round her kneck. I take all the moving pictures on the rideout’s. A few people suggested i should join rather than just post on Andy’s name.

Now i can join in all the gossip on the forum.

Can’t really say hello and welcome as you’ve been around here longer than me:D

Now Andy has to watch what he say`s about you.:wink:

Good to see you on here.

Hello chic:D

Thanks to you and Andy on the France CD’s;)

See you at the next meet…


About time :smiley:

Heres that link for you (not work safe & adult content) :wink:




You took some really nice pics on the memorial ride. Thanks for that, hope you can do the same this year too.


Hi Snappy! What’s your moving pictures taking technique?

good to see you here criss!:smiley:

about time init!

Hiya cris’ welcome aboard :smiley: :DSee you soon x

Hi, Welcome

LOL She’s good with a camera isn’t she Grim :wink: … I bet Chris denys taking that photo in the link :D:D:D

OOps and welcome at last Chris, now he can make the tea whilst you’re surfin :smiley:

Welcome Chris … at last :smiley:


Glad to see youve joined us “gurrus, (no,it,alls) and smart arses” :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB :smiley:

Hello bout time :wink: