HI everybody its my first post

hi can anybody help me and tell me how to derestrict my kmx 125 its a 1987 model

thanks paul

Hi and welcome.

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As far as your bike is concerned, I found this for you…

1st there is a washer in the exhaust pipe, and the KIPS mechanism ( under the cover on the right side of the engine) needs a softer spring, part number from kawasaki 391291001 costs around 50p and a new collar part number 921431001 cost around £2.50 and the carb needs a new air screw 160141031 and there you go full power!

I must sress that you should only derestrict a 125cc bike if your licence allows or Mr Thompson will shoot you:D

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hi there and thanks chunky monkey for the advice cheers paul:):slight_smile:

Same exhaust restriction as the KDX I used to have. I did the mods to mine and its easy to do IMO. If you are any good at welding or know someone who can just cut the exhaust open (Through the weld a few inches away from the header bolts) and remove said washer and weld back up. Stick the new jets in the carb and hey presto noticably a bit quicker on acceleration and gives about 5mph on top end :cool: