Hi all

Hi all,
I’m Simon and have been reading the forums on here on and off for a while and have finally desided to wade in so to speak!

I live in NE London and most of my mates that have bikes have stopped biking for various reasons or moved away. I have a motorbike that really needs to be used more, and simply commuting and the odd jaunt to the seaside really doesn’t cut it anymore.

I’ve got a gsxr-750 currently, had a zx6r-j1 before and a fazer 600 back in the day (2001 when I passed the test)

I’ll post a PIC in the other thread


Hello and welcome , however we already have some Simons on this forum , you are welcome to stay for a while , perhaps you could replace one we already have .

Woah, I’m also Simon K, are you here to replace me??!?!

Welcome to the forum, ignore what NumNum says, you can’t understand a thing he says anyway with his deep foreign accent :wink:

Lets find out if he is your replacment … Any good with computers ???

Am i good with computers, yeah sort of. Im more into computers on an industrial scale in datacenters with work, but i can advise as best i can with most IT related problems.

As for replacing the other Simon K’s on this forum, I expect there will be Thunderdome invite forthcoming…


Umm, ditto. You’re beginning to freak me out :wink:

Two men enter, one man leaves!

Ive posted a pic of me on my bike in the newbies pics thread. Please take a look and see if it rings any bells.

Hello and welcome.

It’s looking awfully like we may be top heavy on Simon K s that are good with computers :laugh:

I checked, you’re definitely not me so all is good :wink:

You both have blue and white suzukis :w00t:

My Suzukis are Black (GSXF) and Yellow (DRZ). We haven’t met for far too long you old reprobate (you didn’t even reply to my last SMS!), you’ve forgotten what I ride! Of course, I’d never forget your ride (nicest pink KTM I’ve ever seen).

I phoned you :D… You didn’t answer :crying:…You said you would call after parents evening :smiley: … and never did :crying: . and you should have been at santa pod anyways !!!

Bah, I did too call back! Couldn’t get through though, and figured you had probably just dialled by accident, glad to know I’m not totally ignored even if you’ve forgotten my bike :wink:

Anyway probably best to give Simon his thread back. No, I mean the other Simon. Simon K. Erm, I mean the other Simon K. Yeah, that guy on the Suzuki. Erm, the other Suzuki. The blue and white one :wink: