Hi all

hi all.

my names gavin im 19 and i ride a hyosung gt 125. its a nice bike but as fast as i want it, i just started riding and im finding my feet.
i live in south east london, which is rubbish for roads, my dad rides a Triumph 600 TT but im yet to ride with him.
if any one lives near by or lives in SE give us a shout, im progressing each time i ride and really want to get comforable and take my test end of this year. looking to come down to the bourgh meets but not to sure on what to expect, any heads up?

So hi and ill put some pics up of my beuty when i get my new phone.

Hi Gavin - and welcome.

I’m pretty new to all this too, but the BM seems popular - especially on a sunny day - and the Newbie night at Ace was good fun. I don’t know much about East London rides, but watch out for the 125 friendly events in the Rideouts section.



Hi and welcome aboard.

Thanks guys,

im looking to go down to ace cafe soon, if anyone wants too join me then give us a message, or vice versa if any knows about people goin down who use this forum.

i got a question, im thinking of taking my mod 1, and mod 2 soon, but im 19 and ive herd rumors that i can only ride up to about 250cc until i reach 21, is this true?

Hi welcome to LB:D

even if it is true, im not sure but, its best to get it done soon as,

before they put the price up more, and ad more to it.

good luck.


re the 250cc … no not true … you can ride any bike you wish but it has to have no greater power output than 33bhp so you can ride a 750cc but restricted to 33bhp by various restrictor methods…

this is in effect for two years from passing or until 21 iirc

ace cafe … normal greasy haired unwashed bikers haunt …

Bm … watch out only nice people allowed so i have learnt … easy to spot … lots of bikes and dead animal hide adorning their bodies …

seriously both venues top people i prefer the ace myself …

rideouts … i have a tendenc of doing 125 friendly rideouts so keep an eye out

thats good news then, i was worried that i wold have to ride a 250 for a while instead of the 600 TT.
and i will go down to ace cafe, and ill keep alook out for the rideouts,


Hi and welcome to LB… i’m not too far from SE. You’re always welcome along on a rideout, where-abouts in SE are you? :slight_smile:

i live in new eltham near the station, you know it?

I know it! 10 mins from me! im from Orpington!

and btw

Welcome to LB:D

Hi and welcome. :smiley: