Hi all

Newbie here from North London (Hornsey N8 area)

Just wanted to say hi and I look forward to contributing and getting to know people in here. In the past I normally chat on bike-specific forums (gsx1400.org, vfrdiscussion.com, etc.) but as I change my bike quite regularly I thought it’d be a better idea to join a biker specific forum.

Bit about me - I ride a 1994 VFR750, I’ve owned all sorts from an original fireblade to a hardtail XV750 chop, a Bandit 1200 fighter to a ratty old FZR300 genesis and a brand new (although company funded) Fazer 1000 (2005 model) to a CB500R.

I love riding them as much as I do working on them and being an ex E&I Engineer I’m quite handy with a spanner (I say ex engineer as I’ve taken a career change and am now a full-time graphic designer- I now keep the spannering as a hobby/interest only).

I’m also about to be a dad for the first time and as such I want to down grade to a 400cc. I’ve got my sights set on an NC29 CBR400 so if anyone out there has one for sale let me know (could do a deal with my VFR)


Oh yeah, drinks all round (as long as they remain virtual, cos I’m skint!)





Hello and welcome to LB:D

Cheers mate :slight_smile:

hi and welcome

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome to the site,…

Hi Mate, welcome to LB.

Hiya Fella, I’m just up the road in Finsbury Park.:smiley: welcome aboard.

Hello there, welcome

Hi guys, thanks for the welcome!

I’ve been reading up on your Borough market meet, quite surprising I’ve never known about it considering the number of times I’ve been there with my GF! There’s lovely pubs there and a genuinely nice atmos so good on you guys for chooseing a great spot!

What are the meeting times and what’s the usual turnout? I work stupid hours so I couldn’t make it a regular thing, but once the baby has arrived and my missus is able to go pillion again we’ll be sure to come visit.

I’m originally from Kent and I always went to the Honda garage/cafe on the way to Dover each sunday. There was always a good turnout there, normally nice people and any ar£**oles got their marching orders pretty swiftly.
I’ve been to the mayday rally in hastings a fair few times (I went last year and learned a useful tip - if you wanna get blind drunk and you have breakdown insurance just pull a few fuses out of your bike and give them a call for a free lift home for you and your bike!)

Cheers all
Nate :wink:

Hello there and welcome…:smiley:


welcome to lb

Hi there and welcome:) me also North London, nice to see there are more north Londoners here:P

Hi enjoy LB, yeap another north londoner! Your just around the corner from me.

Hi welcome & congratulations… I’m in Hornsey too.

Borough starts around 6:30pm but roll up whenever, bit sparse on the ground in winter but should pick up now…

See you around :slight_smile:

Welcome to the nut house.

hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello welcome and congrats for the soon to be new member to your family :slight_smile: