hi all

Hi good people of the forum, just introducing myself, not technically a ‘biker’ yet but should be when the new yam yzfr125 comes out (im 23 and never ridden before). just trying to source all my gear at the mo, anyways i’ve already seen people on here are more than helpful so should be chatting with you all soon!


Good luck with getting on the road. Check out the articles to see if there is any advice that you may find helpful with chosing your gear. I’m 24 and I couldn’t ride 2 years ago.

Welcome to LB.


Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome to LB mate

hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to LB mate, you’ll enjoy the banter that goes on around here! :smiley:

hello and welcome :slight_smile: The DAS is fairly easy, just remember to take it easy on cold tires :ermm:

hi and welcome


welcome mate and merry christmas.:smiley: