HI All!!

New to London bikers just thought that i would drop you all a line to say HI!! and introduce myself. i a GSXR 600 rider looking for people to go on rideouts!! Love my bike and the open road, just need a few more ridding companions which I will hopefully meet here. i am on the verge of trying to upgrade from my 600 to a 750 or 1,000 and i am struggling with choice. i have tested them both the 750 being really lite and loads of fun to chuck around and the 1,000 being the beast of the 2 more clumbersome but it’s a thou!!

if the weather holds up will try and get down to the Borough market meet tonight and hopefully say hi to a few of you!!

That’s me look forward to chatting and riding with you all!

Boycey over and out!



Hi there.

Welcome to LB!!

Look forward to seeing you and the bike around soon.

Hi and welcome to LB - may see you at Borough tonight

Hi all great to chat look forward to seeing you all and your bikes tooo!!

I’m getting all excited!!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Does that mean that i can ride my sccoter down as well?? It’s a bit of a heap but at least it goes!

i see that a couple of you are supreme beings?? What does that mean?? how do i become one??

all 2 wheelers welcomed, some people might take the mick a bit though, actually, they’ll proabnably wait for your 2nd visit for that!!

You become a suprem being after you’ve made a certain amount of posts, the site is pretty addictive so it doesn’t normally take long, lol.

Cushty Boycey…

welcome aboard !!

Welcome aboard

Welcome to LB!


welcome to LB mate hope to see you soon come up to the newbie meet tomorrow will be loads of ppl there all going well with british weather


Always good to see another gixer rider on the site

hello & welcome