Hi all

Joined after a plug for the site in another forum! Lurked for 5 mins then registered

Riding for three years. Living in Camden. Undergrad colouring in at UCL.

Hopefully see you all, or some, at a rideout soon!


welcome russ! and you have a bmw 800st nice bike! hope to see you at the brazen head? we have a meet there every wednesday, its lisson st nr edgware road.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB Hope to see you out and about soon

welcome to lb…

" bmw 800st "

Tut tut Matt!! That’s only an ‘S’! Wonder who put that plug in the other forum…?

Good to have a fellow F800 aboard!

Tim (aka Dr Z)

Fellow newbie here!!

But welcome to you

Welcome to LB, and hope to see you at a meet soon.

Crickey!! What a sociable group you are… Thanks for the welcome!

Yes indeed it is an S!! as opposed to the much slower ST!! Tim, I dunno where that plug came from, thin air i suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dare say ill see you all at the Brazen Head tomorrow in that case!!


Welcome Russ…

Ann x

Welcome to LB Russ. See you at the Brazen!

Welcome to the site maty - love UCL - couple of the guys here work there… not sure what part though.

Hope you enjoy the forum, and welcome to the site :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome…

Welcome to LB Russ…


Welcome to LB

Hello mate…

welcome aboard !


Hi Russ Welcome to LB mate

SLAP SLAP with da newbie stick… Man it feels good using this stick again