Hi All :)

Hi guys, I’m Matteo and I’m italian.
From the next week I’ll be here in London (Kingston) with my Kawasaki Ninja :slight_smile:

I hope to see you on the road…Lamps, Matteo

Welcome to LB,


Welcome mate… im in new malden, around corner from you. Will keep in touch


Thank you all :slight_smile: @r0cknr0lla, I’m looking for a garage/share garage…do you have one to share or know anyone?

I am renting one in sutton mate but its full up with a car project. If I hear anything Ill let you know

Howdy, welcome to the forum and the UK!
I can’t help with a garage but I’m up the road in Morden, so I’ll keep my eyes open for you on the roads!

@r0cknr0lla, thank you anyway :wink:
@Droptical, this friday I’ll be in Italy and on Monday I’ll arrive here in UK…1300km with my Ninja :smiley: Keep in touch!

Welcome to LB!
I’m just down the road from Kingston.