where’d it go?

I’ve hidden it while I look at it.

end of

It was headed in a northerly direction :w00t:

end of?

end of discussion?

end of thread?

IS pakistan north?


End of this thread. It’s being looked into and to stop people adding further fuel to the fire I’ve removed it from sight. It’s something we do to give us time to review something posted on here. It may come back either complete or with any offending items removed.

There’s a couple of issues to look at including the original subject matter and some of the terms being used.

This may be a timely reminder for people that if they see a post they don’t like / fidn offensive please report it via the report function on each post.Sorry to be short but busy day and I’d rather not debate the removal - people clearly had a problem with what was being posted - so we’re taking a look.