Hey guys.

I’m Chris, new to LB.

Firstly, I must admit I’ve just been looking around the forum and not contributing to it for a month or so now so, I thought it’s about time I made a contribution… :slight_smile:

Well, I bought my first bike about two months ago - Yamaha Dragstar 125 and did my CBT a few weeks ago. Bear in mind - I’ve never drove a car and this is my first vehicle (I’m only 17, see), I’ve actually fallen in love with it.

I’ll actually ride it anywhere and anytime. I love riding so so much.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, I’m chris, 17 years old, live in Esher, Surrey, and I hope to catch some of you guys on the next Newbie night :wink: !

I’ve never even been to the Ace before - but it looks really nice.



welcome to LB bud

Hi welocme to LB.:smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

haha thanks for the welcome guys.

What’s the wednesday meet like? Anyone experienced how hard it is to get to from Esher?

Would I be welcome to pop down then??? Or should I come to the newbie night first?


Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

as asked, would I be welcome to come along to Borough tomorrow night - all depending on how my mood is after the world cup.

I know this isn’t the newbie meet, and it’s a regular, but I want to get out before the end of this week - I’m rallying from Friday so I want to meet a smaller group of some other guys before that.

That cool?

Anyone can go to Borough market,just turn up and push your way into a conversation:D.Most people are friendly:cool: Oh and welcome to LB

awesome cheers.

how many people normally come down?

I’m on a black xvs125 dragstar, open face helmet, and 17 years old. if anyone see’s me, try get talking - I’m shy, really :slight_smile:


Warm night,should be a good turn out:cool:


Well I’ll try get up.

Anyone from around Esher, Surbtion, or Kingston way that is going up?

well, rode up to BM last night.

Some of you might have noticed/seen/spoken to me - Chris - the youthful one with a big white face of “the joker” on his T-shirt…

Cheers guys for making me feel very welcome - and I’ll be coming more often methinks (as well as coming to the newbie night at the ace).

Thanks guys!